Marcus M. Jordan is the pastor of Impact Church With a tremendous passion and love for people, he operates daily in a divine anointing to pastor a people who are hungry for God and want to experience life at its best. The mandate on Pastor Jordan’s life is to teach the Word of God so that ultimately people’s lives will be changed by applying the principles of faith and having a full understanding of God’s covenant with mankind. He believes that God’s Word, when applied, assures total victory to anyone who will believe in their heart, confess it with their mouth, and expect it until it manifests.

He received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at the age of 17 while being a senior in high school. Being “on fire” for God, he began immediately serving in youth ministry and being a musician in the church in which he served. He knew that God had a greater purpose for his life and he remained submitted to God’s leading and attended college at Valdosta State University. It was there he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in the area of Business Education and Masters in Public Administration. While attending Valdosta State University, the plan of God was further revealed that he would one day pastor God’s people and teach them the Word of God uncompromisingly. It was further revealed while Pastor Jordan was serving as campus pastor for Evangelistic Outreach Ministry. As a result of daily prayer and bible studies on campus, the small campus ministry grew from 4 to over a hundred in a short period. Moreover, during this time he also served as youth pastor and a presbyter in church leadership in a local church.

Pastor Jordan was blessed to meet his lovely wife during his time in college and they have been serving together in ministry for over 20 years. He is married to Cassandra D. Jordan of Americus, Georgia and they have a beautiful little girl named Jessica Symone Jordan.

After serving faithfully and relentlessly in ministry, Pastor Jordan adhered to the leadership of the Holy Spirit and planted a ministry in Valdosta called Life Change Word and Worship Center, Inc. While following the Lords prompting and teaching the Word of God with simplicity and understanding the ministry grew in number and changed locations twice due to the need for space. With an understanding for the need of spiritual covering and accountability, Pastor Jordan and Life Change Word & Worship Center, Inc. became a member of Impact 7 & Beyond under the direction of Bishop George L. Davis and Pastor April Davis of Faith Christian Center in Jacksonville, Florida. It was then that the ministry’s name changed from Life Change Word & Worship Center, Inc. to Faith Christian Center of Valdosta, Inc.